La Parisienne Bundle for DS

La Parisienne Bundle For DS :

La Parisienne For Genesis 8 Female

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Complete outfit of “Parisienne”. Ideal for shopping on the “Champs Elysees”.
With Beret, Handbag, Sailor Top, Pants, Ballerinas (with ribbons or laces) or Pumps with Heels.

La Parisienne textures
40 Textures for La Parisienne Outfit for GF8 .

La Deudeuche for DAZ Studio

Familiarly known as Deuche, Deudeuche or Two Paws in reference to its two-cylinder engine – is a French popular car produced between October 7, 1948 and July 27, 1990. With a little over 5.1 million copies it is one of the ten most sold French cars in history.

Wheels,Doors are movable! Hood Closed or Open
35 customizable styles presets taken from original vehicle paint charts! 5 Hoods Colors,
10 Fabric Seats, 2 Tires styles, Lights Off or On.
Also included poses presets for 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male as driver.

La Parisienne Props for DAZ Studio

On the terrace of a “Parisian cafΓ©”.
Table, chairs and all the necessary accompanies this Set (30 Props)…The time of a small coffee in a day of shopping.

Background, floor, Characters, Hair on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

PP Ballerines Flos.duf (Ballerinas with ribbons)
PP Ballerines Lacets.duf (Ballerinas with laces)
PP BΓ©ret 01.duf (Beret 01)
PP BΓ©ret 02.duf (Beret 02)
PP Escarpins.duf (Heels)
PP Mariniere.duf (Sailor Top)
PP Pantalon.duf (Pant)

Sac A Main.duf( Handbag)

Props & Poses :

PP Sac A Main – Left Forearm – Prop & Pose.duf
PP Sac A Main – Left Hand – Prop & Pose.duf
PP Sac A Main – Right Forearm – Prop & Pose.duf
PP Sac A Main – Right Hand – Prop & Pose.duf

Props :

PP Ballerines Flos
PP Ballerines Lacets
PP Beret 01
PP Beret 02
PP Escarpin Droite
PP Escarpin Gauche
PP Mariniere
PP Pantalon
PP Sac A Main

DD Back Door Right
DD Back Door Left
DD Front Door Right
DD Front Door Left
DD Right Front Window Open
DD Right Front Window Down
DD Right Front Wheel
DD Open Hood
DD Left Front Window Open
DD Left Front Window Down
DD Left Front Wheel
DD Close Hood
DD Brand Logo
DD Body
DD Back Wheels

PP Table Bistrot (Bistro Table)
PP Cafe (Coffee)
PP Croissant
PP Sachet 04 (Paperbag)
PP Sachet 05 (Paperbag)
PP Journal (Newspaper)
PP Serviette 02 (Towel)
PP Sachet 01(Paperbag)
PP Verre (Glass)
PP Ticket (Ticket)
PP Tasse (Cup)
PP Sucre 02(Packaged Sugar)
PP Sucre 01(Packaged Sugar)
PP Soucoupe(Saucer)
PP Serviette 01(Towel)
PP Sachet 03(Paperbag)
PP Sachet 02(Paperbag)
PP Glace 02(Icecube)
PP Glace 01(Icecube)
PP Eau (Water)
PP Cuillere(Spoon)
PP Coupelle (Money cup)
PP Chocolat(Packaged Chocolate)
PP Assiette ( Plate)
PP 50c Euro (50c € Coin)
PP 2 Euros (2 € Coin)
PP 1 Euro (1 € Coin)
PP Chaise Bistrot ( Bistro Chair)

Materials Iray (.DUF)

PP Ballerines Flos.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets.duf
PP Beret.duf
PP Escarpins.duf
PP Mariniere.duf
PP Pantalon.duf
Sac A Main.duf

PP Ballerines Flos 01.duf
PP Ballerines Flos 02.duf
PP Ballerines Flos 03.duf
PP Ballerines Flos 04.duf
PP Ballerines Flos 05.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets 01.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets 02.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets 03.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets 04.duf
PP Ballerines Lacets 05.duf
PP Beret 01.duf
PP Beret 02.duf
PP Beret 03.duf
PP Beret 04.duf
PP Beret 05.duf
PP Escarpins 01.duf
PP Escarpins 02.duf
PP Escarpins 03.duf
PP Escarpins 04.duf
PP Escarpins 05.duf
PP Mariniere 01.duf
PP Mariniere 02.duf
PP Mariniere 03.duf
PP Mariniere 04.duf
PP Mariniere 05.duf
PP Pantalon 01.duf
PP Pantalon 02.duf
PP Pantalon 03.duf
PP Pantalon 04.duf
PP Pantalon 05.duf
PP Pantalon 06.duf
PP Pantalon 07.duf
PP Pantalon 08.duf
PP Pantalon 09.duf
PP Pantalon 10.duf
PP Sac A Main 01.duf
PP Sac A Main 02.duf
PP Sac A Main 03.duf
PP Sac A Main 04.duf
PP Sac A Main 05.duf

DD Paint 00.duf
DD Paint 01.duf
DD Paint 02.duf
DD Paint 03.duf
DD Paint 04.duf
DD Paint 05.duf
DD Paint 06.duf
DD Paint 07.duf
DD Paint 08.duf
DD Paint 09.duf
DD Paint 10.duf
DD Paint 11.duf
DD Paint 12.duf
DD Paint 13.duf
DD Paint 14.duf
DD Paint 15.duf
DD Paint 16.duf
DD Paint 17.duf
DD Paint 18.duf
DD Paint 19.duf
DD Paint 20.duf
DD Paint 21.duf
DD Paint 22.duf
DD Paint 23.duf
DD Paint 24.duf
DD Paint 25.duf
DD Paint 26.duf
DD Paint 27.duf
DD Paint 28.duf
DD Paint 29.duf
DD Paint 30.duf
DD Paint 31.duf
DD Paint 32.duf
DD Paint 33.duf
DD Paint 34.duf
DD Paint 35.duf

1 – DD Hood 00.duf
1 – DD Hood 01.duf
1 – DD Hood 02.duf
1 – DD Hood 03.duf
1 – DD Hood 04.duf

2 – DD Seats 01.duf
2 – DD Seats 02.duf
2 – DD Seats 03.duf
2 – DD Seats 04.duf
2 – DD Seats 05.duf
2 – DD Seats 06.duf
2 – DD Seats 07.duf
2 – DD Seats 08.duf
2 – DD Seats 09.duf
2 – DD Seats 10.duf

3 – DD Lights OFF.duf
3 – DD Lights ON.duf

4 – DD Black Tires.duf
4 – DD White Sides Tires.duf

PP Terasse Bistrot.duf( Bistro Terrace Set)

Textures Include:

24 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )
36 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )
133 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )
63 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (2048 x 2048 to 512 x 512 )

Software: Β 
DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio



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