Lancy Dress for Genesis 8 Female

LancyDress is a cute dress with a lace overlay. dForce is required, standard simulation settings should be fine in most poses.
Rendered images with DazStudio Iray.
All other items such as props, character and hair are NOT included.

Lancy Dress includes the following:
Lancy Dress – dForce enabled
– 9 LIE decals
– 8 colour presets
Lancy Overskirt – dForce enabled
– 7 Lace presets

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FBM Karyssa 8 Body
FBM Sakura8Body
FBM Tika 8 Body
FBM Aiko8
FBM Alexandra8
FBM Babina8
FBM BodybuilderSize
FBM BodySize
FBM Bridget8
FBM Charlotte8
FBM Ellithia8
FBM Emaciated
FBM FitnessSize
FBM Gabriela8
FBM Girl8
FBM Heavy
FBM Kala8
FBM Kanade8
FBM MeiLin8
FBM Monique8
FBM Olympia8
FBM PearFigure
FBM Sydney8
FBM Victoria8
FBM Voluptuous
PBM BreastsDiameter
PBM BreastsGone
PBM BreastsSize
PBM BreastsSmall

Daz Studio 4.10 (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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