Lets Rock – Rough and Precious Stone Building Suite and Merchant Resource


This new mineral and gemstone shader for Iray by DimensionTheory goes beyond Uber with some new capabilities. It has an iridescent Secondary Luster that is useful for creating all sorts of special effects, from opals to lusters and metallics. You can separately tile and offset Base, Diffuse Overlay, Bump, Normal, Displacement, Top Coat and Translucency which means you can get myriad different stones from the high resolution textures included. It has a Global Tiling setting that lets you change these parameters all at once as well.

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Included are 186 mineral presets representing both real and fantasy stone looks. Made from 18 4096×4096 seamlessly tiling high resolution proceduraly tiled textures (with bump and normal options for each) and 10 displacement choices with normal map variants. Some “Color” presets are included which are based on greyscale versions of the maps so you can easily easily customize your hue using Base Color and Diffuse Overlay.

The 72 Base Presets make use of two diffuse textures with blending to add “fake shadowing” which helps sell the effect of displacement and normal maps. Areas of the surface where displacement / normal mapping is concave will be darker while convex areas are lightened, accentuating the details that these maps add. Modifiers in the Base Presets will also affect this diffuse blending, giving you a very quick way to switch between highly detailed options.

There are 126 modifiers which affect individual aspects like Secondary Luster, Normal / Displacement Maps and tiling settings. It is very easy to use and intuitive. You can achieve a unique gemstone look, texture a castle wall or populate a scene with naturally diverse looking stones.

Any of the included textures can be used as merchant resources.









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