LF Charade


LF Charade is a sexy, fun, and sometimes whimsical new curve hugging bodysuit for LaFemme, that also includes some awesome leather boots, a leather belt with buckle, leather wristbands, and a fantastic hat to complete the look. Whether you’re looking for something cool, funky, and gothic, or something more whimsical and fun, Charade is perfect!

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Included in this package

– Charade Bodysuit (.cr2)
– Charade Boots (.cr2)
– Charade Wristbands (.cr2)
– Charade Belt (.pp2)
– Charade Hat (.pp2)

– 3 full textures for bodysuit
– 3 trans textures for bodysuit midsection
– 1 hide midsection mat pose
– 1 texture for boots
– 1 boot pose and 1 unlock toes mat pose
– 1 texture for belt
– 2 textures for hat
– 1 texture for wristbands

The Charade Bodysuit is very form fitting and should not need them in most cases, but I have included many adjustment morphs if you should need them when combining FBMs or where needed in posing, and they are all listed in the readme file.

The Charade Belt is a prop and will move well with many poses, but some poses will require the use of morphs, which have been included and are listed below. Also, LF body morphs will need to be dialed in manually, and include LaFemme’s body morphs, as well as Blackhearted’s Femme Fatale morphs and Deecey’s LaFemme body kit

The Charade Hat is also a prop, and can be adjusted with the parameter dials to rotate, scale, or translate.

Every piece in LF Charade contains full support for LaFemme’s base body morphs, as well as Blackhearted’s Femme Fatale morphs and Deecey’s LaFemme body kit.

All material presets include shaders optimized for both FireFly AND SuperFly.

Required Products:   La Femme Pro – 1.1 Pro Base Figure for Poser 11









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