LIE Body Bruises for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)


L.I.E. Body Bruises for Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 Female(s) allows users to give their renders that extra dose of detail with 33 different hand-painted bruises. With mirrors for 32 presets, you get a total of 65 Presets per generation.

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However, because characters come in all colors, we’ve not only included two sets of colors that will work with Light and Dark Skins alike, but we’ve also added two additional sets. One is Dark Blended (think about this one like a 50% opacity of the dark preset), which is perfect for those mid-tone colored characters! The other is a Light Faded (think about this one as a 25% opacity of the Light Skin version) set, which is perfect to show fading bruises.

In total, you get 65 Dark Presets, 65 Light Presets, 65 Dark Blend Presets and 65 Light Faded Presets for each gender and generation! Of course, with the ability to mix and match the possibilities are endless!

Use this pack to show the struggles your character(s) has been though, and inject subtext into every render! Whether because they love to fight, had an accident or simply ventured into the wrong side of town, these bruises will help tell your story.

Note:Β Since these are LIE presets, some of these bruises (the ones not across seams) may work on G3 & G8 males as well, though their positioning might be slightly off.








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