LIE Body Scars for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s)


“LIE Body Scars for Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 Female(s)” is a set of 25 hand-painted torso and back scars. Also included are a mirror version for 17 of the presets, which gets you a total of 42 presets per generation.

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However, we know your characters’ skins will vary greatly in color, so we’ve also included three sets of varying scar colors: Light, Midtone and Dark. Of course, you’re free to mix and match the skin preset scars for even greater variation!

In total, you get 42 Dark Presets, 42 Light Presets, 42 Midtone Presets! 126 Presets in total with the ability to mix and match for endless possibilities!

Use this pack to show the struggles your character(s) has been though, injecting subtext into your every render! Whether they survived a battle, love to fight or simply ventured into the wrong side of town, these scars will help you tell their story!

Note: The result relies on the skin settings of your character of choice. If you find that the glossiness of a scar is too strong (too reflective), we recommend lowering the opacity of the specular channel of the scar layer through the Layered Image Editor.

As this product relies on the Base G3F and G8F UVs, the scars should apply properly to all Generation 8 Females (except stand-alone characters) but only supports Generation 3 Females using the base UVs. So Generation 3 core characters should be able to use most of the scars (with variations in positioning) except those across the seams (Neck Slash, Tiger Claws Neck &Tiger Claws Back).

Important: This product is not a merchant resource, so you cannot add them to characters for sale or giveaways. The textures should also be used as they have been included, meaning you cannot use them to create scar brushes or extra textures.








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