Lighting Designer – Auto-Fill


Work smarter not harder! Perfect, precise, and absurdly fast, the new Lighting Designer – Auto-Fill by Half Life and RiverSoft Art will enable fine-tuned mastery over light in your Iray renders! With an easy to use and intuitive dialog, 3 powerful new custom shaders, and containing over 50 ready to use reflectors, emissive mesh lights, and spotlights carefully calibrated for studio or outdoor scenes, Lighting Designer – Auto-Fill gives you completely unprecedented control when lighting your Daz Studio scenes.

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The Lighting Designer Create Fill script is designed to create reflectors, emissive mesh lights, or spotlights to precisely target any polygon on an object in your scene. Select the polygon you want to light using Daz’s Geometry Tool, and the script will create a reflector or light precisely pointed directly at that polygon as well as positioned exactly at the specified distance away. Yes, it is really that easy to set up any number of lights you desire!

Lighting Designer – Auto-Fill also includes 3 powerful new custom-built shaders. The Multi-Emitter Shader introduces the ability to add an extra Luminance image (named “Hotspot Image”) that will be composited with the regular Luminance. This Hotspot Image can be moved and resized within the Auto-Fill Plane to achieve any number of complex light stacking effects. The Gobo Emitter Shader uses a procedural texture to mask the Luminance and Cutout Opacity of the Auto-Fill Plane for complex visual effects, such as to mimic light coming through a window. The Ghost Emitter Shader creates a ghost light, an invisible light in your scene that can be precisely placed where needed while being unseen by the camera or reflections.

  • Intuitive and powerful dialog for creating reflectors, emissive mesh lights, or spotlights precisely targeting any polygon in your scene
  • 3 custom-built shaders for special effects
  • Over 50 reflectors, emissive mesh light, and spotlight presets
  • Create Ghost Lights, invisible lights in your scene that can be precisely placed where needed while being unseen by the camera.

Deliver a massive speed boost to your scene setup process and at the same time easily get the lighting you intended every time using the new Lighting Designer – Auto-Fill!








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