Liloo HD for Genesis 3 and 8 Female



Meet Liloo. She is a very good friend of Molly & Lilly. She is a teen with asian origins designed on Growing Up Morphs and also contains a preteen, tween and older teen preset.

Some of Liloo’s features-

– She is a custom sculpt with separate head and body morphs.

– She contains separate head and body HD details.

-She contains universal HD and normal map details which can be used on any female character.

– She can be fully customized by adjusting the used Growing Up and Liloo Morphs.

– She comes with a Morphable Fibermesh Brows set which contain 21 morphs to create a wide variety of shapes that can also be used on any character for Genesis 3 & 8 Female and Genesis 3 & 8 Male via autofit.






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