Lindi 8 for G8f


An original character for the Genesis 8 Female base figure which is included with Daz Studio 4.9+
Lindi 8 is a playful young woman who prefers facepaint to makeup and has positive feelings about her body shape.
No morph packs are required to use this package.
No clothing, hair, props or poses are included


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1 character preset
1 full shape add/remove preset
1 head shape add/remove preset
1 body shape add/remove preset
Lindi8 Nipple on/Off presets
2 eyeshape presets
3 thigh size presets
1 full material presets
1 genital mat preset
1 Lindi 8 Eyelash Mats preset
2 Texture Based Eyebrows presets Using Diffuse Overlay
1 Eyebrows Off Preset
4 Brow Color Options
7 eye color presets
1 natural and 6 fingernail color options
1 natural and 6 toenail color options
1 Rodeo Clown Face option
1 “Kitty” Face option
1 Makeup and 1 Natural face options
7 lipstick & 1 natural lips presets for light skin texture

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio



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