Look At Me II Pose Control


Look At Me II Pose Control is the next generation of the popular Look At Me Pose Control, providing a set of scripts for controlling your characters’ head and eye movements,ย enhanced now also with chest and abdomen, for precise and natural posing! Easily pose your figures to look at the camera, to look into other character’s eyes, or to look at an item in your scene! Look At Me II Pose Control has been designed toย work with almost any character or figure… from Victoria 4 to Genesis 8, from Horse 2 to Dragon 3, male or female. Anything with a head and eyes!

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Separately control how much characters’ abdomen, chest, head/neck and eyes move to look at your target, whether it’s to look into the camera, at an item, or at each other!

Compatible with Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit by RiverSoft Art.

No poses are included with the package.









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