Lotus Flower for Aiko 6


The ‘Lotus’ is revered with great importance in many parts of the world. The Lotus flower was first seen in India and in Egypt and has influenced the local myths. The Lotus had strong religious meaning among Aryan Hindus of ancient India, ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Japanese. Lotus flower also has prominent place in Christian and Buddhist religions. The lotus also assumes a significant meaning in the fact that inside the seed, the embryo will be ready to grow and can continue to survive over centuries. This peculiarity of lotus flower gave it the meaning of eternal vigilance and diligent search of life. This peculiarity represents strong vital force that keeps one with God. A lotus can be considered the perfect flower with its shape, color and fragrance. And is there really any wonder that such a beautiful flower as the lotus flower has many meanings?

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In this pack you will find a beautiful, oriental inspired character for Aiko 6, with her own beautiful lotus inspired headpiece.









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