LoveChild – Photo Morphing Software

LoveChild is an easy-to-use photo-morphing software that creates an in-between photo of two portraits. It is a fun software that lets users combine two separate people int a “love child” and use a slider to change the degree of resemblance to one or the other “parent”.

LoveChild is ideal to be used with Face Creator software such as DAZ Face Transfer, FaceGen or HeadShop. A high-resolution output can be saved as a JPG file and loaded in these 3D Face Creator packages.

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For future parents, the resulting photos transferred to a 3D Genesis figure can be altered with Growing Up add on to a child of any age.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

What’s Included and Features

  • LoveChild – Photo Morphing Software: (.EXE)
    • Merge 2 Separate images into an in between Image
    • Slider to Control the Amout of Merge
    • Download LoveChild as a zip file. It comes with a “SetUp” file that installs the software in any location of your disk.
    • While LoveChild works with any resolution portraits, results will be better with high-resolution images. Explore different combinations to find the best practices that work for you!

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:


Install Types:

Manual Install




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