Lyones dForce Number 04 for G8M

dForce Number 04 is a science fiction/fantasy outfit for Genesis 8 Male. This is a dForce clothing. Morphs in this product make it compatible with Lyone’s Number 01, Number 02 and Number 03.

dForce Number 04 contains the following items:

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Every item in this outfit contains 29 full body morphs. You will find them in Actor/Full Body in the Parameters tab. All the following FBM morphs are supported (any other Genesis 8 Male shapes are supported by auto-follow):



For a list of partial body morphs please see the ReadMe File.

Every item in this outfit contains also adjustments and custom morphs. You will find them in Actor/Adjustments in the Parameters tab.

– Cloak (3 morph dials):
Close Hood.dsf
Open Hood.dsf

– Pants (26 Morph dials):
All Down.dsf
Belt expand Back.dsf
Belt expand Front.dsf
Belt expand Left.dsf
Belt expand Right.dsf
Belt Tighter.dsf
Expand Buttocks.dsf
Expand knees.dsf
Flare ankles.dsf
Flare Belt.dsf
Left Down 2.dsf
Left Down.dsf
Pants fit 2 Number 2 shirt.dsf
Pants fit 3 Number 2 shirt.dsf
Pants fit 4 Number 2 shirt.dsf
Pants fit Number 2 shirt.dsf
Pants fit Number 2 shoes.dsf
Pants in Number 1 boots.dsf
Pants in Number 3 boots.dsf
Pants over Number 1 boots.dsf
Right Down 2.dsf
Right Down.dsf
Tighter shins.dsf

– Top (25 Morph dials):
All Pull Down.dsf
Back Pull Down.dsf
Fit in Number 1 pants and belt.dsf
Fit in Number 1 pants.dsf
Fit in Number 2 pants.dsf
Fit in Number 4 pants.dsf
Fit over Number 1 pants and belt.dsf
Fit over Number 1 pants.dsf
ForeFront Up.dsf
Front Pull Down.dsf
Left Pull Down.dsf
Open All.dsf
Open Back.dsf
Open Front.dsf
Open high pocket.dsf
Open Left.dsf
Open low pocket.dsf
Open Right.dsf
Pull Back.dsf
Pull Front.dsf
Pull Left.dsf
Pull Right.dsf
Right Pull Down.dsf

In this package you will have one texture in both Iray and 3Delight. You can change the color of the outfit. You only have to put any color you want on the different items (see last promo). Please see the Readme File for more explanation on how to change the color.

09 Texture maps (4096×4096) are included in this product.

Texture addons for this product will come soon.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy this outfit.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio



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