Magical Places – Giant Head

The giant living head is a lesser-known folkloristic motif of Eastern provenance. Probably its most well-known use was taken care of by A.S. Puskin in his poem Ruslan and Ludmila. The protagonist, Ruslan himself, will face a giant head here. On his journeys he finds his path blocked by a huge hill emitting strange sounds. Closer inspection reveals it to be a giant slumbering human head. Ruslan awakens the head, which becomes angered and begins to taunt him. It sticks out its tongue. Ruslan seizes the opportunity and thrusts his lance into the tongue. Then, he gives it a slap powerful enough to knock it off its place. Where it once stood, Ruslan finds a shining sword suitable for a Russian hero – the bogatyr. Our product does not contain only the giant living head itself, but also the harsh rocky terrain where the head is located and also the stone variant of that head or perhaps it is giant’s petrified head. Both heads have available huge scale of a Russian bogatyrยดs helmet. This helmet is also present in product in human size, as if for Ruslan himself.

What is included:

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Props and Smart Props:
Giantยดs Living Head
Giantยดs Rock Head
Giantยดs Helmet
M4 Bogatyr Helmet
Terrain Props

PBR and Specular For Giant and Bogatyr Helmet
PBR and Specular for Giant statue Helmet
5 Eyes textures for Living head Prop

Head on Rocks

Up to 6kx6k textures suitable for closeups and animations, Unpacked Runtime Size: 180 MB.
suitable for animations. Original design, Literature – Folklore Inspiration.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio—giant-head/150597



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