Maisie – Weight Mapped Toon Female for Poser


Maisie is the first third party toon figure to take advantage of Poser 11’s advanced features, including face control chips, animated joint centers, scaling zones, and complete weight mapping and bulge maps.

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Maisie is very expressive and fun to use. There are no JCMs or magnets to add, which will make for easy content creation. There are ghost bones only for breast and buttocks movement. Additional eye controls move eyelids and eyes at the same time, and also allow you to adjust the size of the eyelashes.

Maisie also includes a second full body morph, Lacey, which makes her proportions slightly more realistic (smaller head, longer torso, leg proportions slightly different).


— Maisie Toon Character, with Lacey full body morph alternative
— Bikini Top
— Bikini Bottom
— Maisie DEV Rig
— Skull Cap Prop

— 10 Face Poses
— 6 Hand Poses
— 1 Base and 1 Makeup Material Option for Maisie
— Base and Makeup Toon Materials
— 6 Basic Toon Color Materials
— 3 Brow and Lash Color Options
— 9 Eye Colors
— 4 Bikini Top and Bottom Materials
— 4 Bikini Top and Bottom Toon Materials
— 13 Poses








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