MEC4D HDRI Central Park NYC – Megapack


Megapack with 5 HDRIs of Central Park NYC

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Very soft not directional morning light with soft ambient shadows.

Render preset allow you to change the HDRIs without old scenes without the need to build everything from start, Included FX Cameras for photorealistic renders.

The sharpest HDRI Environment maps you ever came across! Shot with Nikon D800E and Sigma 8mm Lens providing the sharpest details possible in the professional world thanks to no filter on the camera chip allowing Iray Render engine to do it in a stage without losing on the final sharpness of your render.

High dynamic range with great matching shadows, no additional light needed on the scene, ready to render and calculated for MEC4D’s PBRiray shader packs for the best Iray results possible.

Great to use as backgrounds or to light your full 3D scenes by setting the Dome off.

360 degrees Previews below show low-resolutionHDRIs 4k x 2k








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