Medical Center Waiting Room


Whether you are visiting your family doctor, having minor elective surgery, or seeking a cure for the zombie virus, your first stop should always be the local Medical Center. Check in at the reception desk and get settled in for a long wait.

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Medical Center Waiting Room comes with plenty of comfortable seating, along with reading materials, television, and a soda machine. A fully detailed waiting room, it features two elevators with working doors, an emergency stairwell, two restrooms, an electrical room, a file room, a janitor’s closet, and a large empty room beyond a pair of double doors, perfect for setting up your own clinic environment. Additionally, many props have been included to complete the scene: Drinking fountains, plants, medical files, filing cabinets, clipboards, computers and desk chairs, trash bins and a clock.

The set is divided into several sections that can be hidden for better camera access, and lights for individual spaces have separate material zones so the intensity can be set to suit your scene without affecting every area globally. Two fully loaded scenes are provided for both Iray and 3Delight renders, as well as a selection of cameras used in creating promo images.

All doors open and close, windows blind open and raise, and the clock is able to be set for any time of day.








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