Meshworkz Dragonfly


The Dragonfly is a wondrous faerie-like creature, both fierce and delicate, beautifying nature with an infinite kaleidoscope of iridescent colors and aerobatics. An amazing flyer, able to hover dead still in midair, or dart off in any direction in the blink of an eye.

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The Meshworkz Dragonfly is a fully articulated figure from the antenna to nine jointed Tail, Carefully sculpted Mesh and normal maps and hand-painted textures with an eye to replicate nature.

The Two texture sets, Widow Skimmer, and Orange Glider come in 3 different resolutions, a highly detailed 3 UV Material for close up work, and Medium and Low resolution options using a combined single UV Layout for medium and distant rendering. The Dragonfly supports both Iray and 3Delight with both Iray Uber and Uber Surface based material options.

The set also comes with a Hair Conformer/Prop to simulate the small wiry hairs distributed on the torso and head, for detailed images.

There is a wing blur prop, designed to simulate the blur that occurs when the dragonfly beats its wings at 30 beats per second, a speed which makes the wings virtually disappear from view.

We imagined the dragonfly as the regal steed of a fierce breed of Faerie Rangers. With that in mind we have included a saddle for anyone who wishes to hitch a ride.








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