Mini Digger Excavating Poses for Genesis 8


Did your Genesis 8 characters need to get some major yard work or construction projects completed? Give them a hand with these 3D digital poses! Designed to work with the Mini Digger vehicle set, the Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female have a wearable preset each that will load the mini digger onto their hip bone. Then follow that up with the 6 (each) hierarchical pose presets to move both the mini digger and Genesis 8 Male/Female so that you can dig, haul, move, and take a break while getting your render done.

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Included as a bonus, there are 12 poses ONLY for the mini digger, should you want to use the digger by itself (for those distance shots, or if the mini takes on a life of its own!)

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for balance, gravity, and realism.








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