Mixable Expressions for Kanade 8 and Genesis 8 Female(s)


Mixable Expressions for Kanade 8 and Genesis 8 Female(s) give you the highest possible level of customization, versatility and ease of use. They include full face expressions, partial expressions for upper face and lower face, and pose control dials, all with their mood names. You can mix and match all the dials with all the full and/or partial expressions.

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The expressions are organized in three folders: Full Face, Lower Face, and Upper Face. You also have zeroes for full, lower and upper face. In the parameters tab, you also have Pose Control dials for each one of the expressions. All expressions are named by mood, both in the icon names and the dials: Happy, Worried, Amazed, Confident, Sorrow…

You can use the full expressions for a quick result. Or you can also customize them by applying a full, or partial expressions for the upper or lower face, then move the dials from 0 to 100 as you wish, and mix and match them to create endless variations.

These expressions have been made thinking in Kanade 8, as a reflection of her personality, but they also work on all Genesis 8 Female(s). They are made to increase his expressiveness and appealing. Natural expressions for real faces, with subtle asymmetries to enhance realism. Good taste expressions, no grimaces. The aim is to reflect complex feelings and personality as you need.









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