MMX Various Metal Shaders for Iray


MMX Various Metal Shaders for Iray

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This set of metal shaders is designed for mixing.  The 10 base metal presets can be used by themselves or mixed with existing maps on the model.  Or they can be mixed with the 9 full presets that will apply matching top coat and normal maps.  Alternatively, the different maps have their own presets which are separated into normal and top coat maps.  All the maps can be tiled together or separately for further control, ranging from 1×1 to 10×10, plus the normal maps have 20 individual strength presets that range from 5% to 100%.  Global tiling presets are also included and range from 1×1 to 10×10.  Also included are presets that will remove the different maps used in this set plus the diffuse and glossy maps.








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