Modern Leg Prosthetic for Genesis 3 and 8 Male


The “Modern Leg Prosthetic for Genesis 3 Male & Genesis 8 Male” allows users to amputate their character’s left and/or right leg via a Geograft and have them wear an artificial device instead.

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As the product name implies, the “Modern Leg Prosthetic” has been designed with versatility in mind; allowing characters to wear the prosthetic regardless of whether they’re depicted as fantasy warriors, modern men, cyberpunk mercenaries or intergalactic pilots.

The prosthetic includes enough material presets and zones to give every user a wide range of customization in order to fit their unique and artistic vision. What’s more, the prosthetic also features four different types of plates and 6 pre-made styles (wearable), giving you enough options to allow three characters to wear the same leg in a render, yet having them look quite different & unique!

Note: This product relies on specific bone positions to work. As such, extreme shapes may not always work. Unsupported shapes with a knee position too different from any of the supported shapes might also break the prosthetic leg. Also, while the geograf blends with the skin from the front, the transition between the character and the geograft is visible near the butt (crack) area, so it may not hold up in nude renders.








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