Modular Dressing Room

Very Modular!. `Plug & Render` OR MAKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGN !!

Full Modern dressing room, Available as ready scenes & as separate modules/assets, 2 ready full scenes (Day time & Night time), just add your character then place your camera & adjust its focus, & press (Render)
Or if you like: you can use any of the so many modules included to build your own room the shape/arrangement you like -similar to what they do in Gaming Industry for creating world/Levels- load/duplicate several copies of wall blocks & floor blocks beside each other, in the arrangement you want, so you build your own custom design, then feel free to place other contents the number & place where you want -watch the Youtube video for more details-

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Included in this package:

* 2 Full scenes (Day time & Night time)
* 7 Room parts (Ceiling, Walls, Floor, Door, Balcony__floor blocks available in 3 colors)
* 19 Pieces of Room Content (Carpet in different colors, 2 simple Seats, Ottoman Seat, Modern Mirror with lamps, wallpaper with Neons, Big Wall-Mirror, Spotlights….etc)
* 11 Wardrobes (5 eampty , 6 full with clothing & stuff)
* more than 50 Assets of Wardrobe content (Shirts for male & female, Jackets, Coats, Pants, Perfume bottles, storage Boxes, Shoes, Towels, ….etc) & more than 40 Material files in 2 or 3 color variations for some of those assets.
* Metadata for Smart Content Included

Please Note:
— All Renders & materials for this pack are `Iray` only , 3Delight is NOT supported.
— The Fur over the “Ottoman Seat” needs Daz Studio 4.11 or higher, because it is made using dForce Strand-Based Hair which is not available in earlier versions.
— For Ceiling lights: to turn them ON/Off please select each light prop -or select many lights at the same time if you need- then double-click the ON/Off files.

Daz Studio 4.10 (required for dForce)

Props for Poser and Daz Studio



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