Modular Home Builder


Modular Home Builder is a large interior / exterior set.

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This set is huge and filled with options. The set consists of 4 modular sections which can be loaded separately and positioned any way you like to create your own house, office building, apartment or whatever you can dream up.

When you load a Modular Section, it loads with everything already placed into the scene for that specific module. The scene tab is the best way to select items from the scene in this product. The scene tab has been very well organized for ease of use and fast hiding, moving or scaling of separate items etc. Viewing the scene tab will allow you to understand how the sections are parented and grouped together, again for easiest possible use of the product. Walls can be selected and hidden, moved or scaled, ceilings can be selected as well. Almost every element has been broken down so it can be selected separately.

Included are 4 preset Complete Configurations. This means that all 4 sections have been used, in some cases more than once to bring you a complete set, ready to render. Simply load a Complete Configuration, place camera and lighting and you’re ready to render.

All broken down elements of the sections can also be loaded as stand alone props for use with other sets. The modular sections are Scene Subsets, so they too can be loaded into any other environment. The set includes a “wet” setting for concrete as shown in the promo images.

The set also includes many “smart props” as well, that will find their appropriate location in the scene as long as you have the corresponding item selected.








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