Morphing Super Guitar


The Morphing Super Guitar is the product of re-working and refining, to give you a guitar prop at its finest. This set was all about the guitar and taking it to a new level. It has the popular string morphs, as well as a cool amplifier and pedals rig, with seven starter H-Poses for both Genesis 8 Male and Female base characters. Poses 1a, 1b and 1c, have the characters transition from a standing pose to working the MSG-CryLady pedal (included).

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There is a detailed replica of a classic Vibrola on this guitar, that comes with custom morphs to swap it out to my own HotRod version. (shown on Cover image) There are plenty of options to change how this tailpiece looks. From fully covered, to a very basic short model. It has both a classic styled vibrola arm, as well as the HotRod arm (shown above). The arms can be swapped out for use on any tailpiece option you choose also. A bunch of Pose Controls are conveniently found in the Parameters Tab of the main MSG SuperGuitar prop.

The guitar comes loaded with two sets of pickups for you to choose from (with controls in the Parameters Tab). HotRod P-90’s and standard Humbuckers. Both sets come in a full set of three, with controllers to hide one, two, or all of them. Mix and match for that perfect look. Single pup shredder, to a full-blown Jimi Hendrix/Frank Zappa styled custom… Your call! 🙂

The “Crunch Box” amp was also inspired by a classic. It is rigged and the tubes will glow. The speaker cabinet has four speakers that are rigged also. A single bone will have easy pumping simulations in animations. The speaker cover mesh can be hidden for full view of the speakers. Or the “MB” style cover mat (shown above), gives it a nice over all look. There’s a few to material presets to choose from.

The “FuzzSpace” and “CryLady” stomp and pedal are also both rigged. Lower body poses are included (for both Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male), that will have some quick Wah-Wah action going on. Two poses are there for both Press and release. They work nice together in an animation time-line. The new and improved “MagicLead Deluxe” included has presets to hook all this up, as well as some cool tricks it can do on it’s own. You can choose either straight jack ends, or angled. All the individual pose/appearence choices can be found in each Prop’s Parameters Tab menu, under Pose Controllers/MSG-“Prop Name”








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