Mort is an original figure for Poser 11, a skeleton with over one hundred bones and a lot more attitude! Compatible with Poser 11

Mort is an original figure for Poser 11, an articulated human skeleton.

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There are several ways to pose Mort – by selecting individual body parts, by using IK on the lower body, and by spinning dials in the Body of the figure. These Dependant Parameters have been set up in a logical hierarchy called Posing Controls so that it is possible to create poses for Mort purely by using these controls – which is handy, as there are 138 individual body parts to control Mort with!

Mort has been modelled using the realistic 7.5 head canon of proportions, but has been set up with a dial hierarchy of Proportion Controls in the Body to enable rapid alterations from the default scaling. Mort also comes with morphs which are set up using a dial hierarchy called Shaping Controls. This enables quick changes to be made to the figure, primarily the skull.

Mort also includes Zero poses for each set of Control dials, and a range of material options including 8k resolution maps (as Mort’s UV’s are in 0,1 and the figure only has three material zones – bones, cartilage and teeth). Most of these materials have a basic setup for Firefly, but please note that Mort has been built primarily for use in Superfly. I have also included a simple Area light, a Stage prop and a scene file that will load everything at once as a quick way to get started with Mort. Plus, of course, an illustrated PDF User Guide!

Please be aware that there are some limitations to this figure – it is not medically accurate; the mesh is not symmetrical so Pose symmetry often fails; using Driven and Natural values together can occasionally hit the Limits on a body part meaning one of the values will have to be reset; poses created using the Dependant Parameter dials are saved using the Morph channels, so will overwrite any values dialled in the Posing, Proportion or Shaping Controls when reloaded. When making Mort I have used Set Limits on all body parts, but there are a few cases where the extremes will result in the slight intersection of bones e.g. forearm pronation. This is deliberate as I have attempted to find a good balance between realistic movement and artistic expression.

What’s Included & Features

  • Figures (.obj, .cr2)
    • Mort
  • Control Poses (.pz2)
    • Zero Posing Controls
    • Zero Proportion Controls
    • Zero Shaping Controls
  • Props (.obj, .pp2)
    • Stage
  • Scene File (.pz3)
    • Mort Quickstart
  • Lights (.lt2)
    • Area light
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • Buried SSS
    • Buried
    • Clean colour map SSS
    • Clean colour map
    • Clean SSS
    • Clean
    • Crystal (Superfly only)
    • Harlequin pastel
    • Harlequin saturated
    • Metals (Superfly only)
    • No Maps SSS
    • No Maps
    • Unclean SSS
    • Unclean
  • Textures
    • 8 texture maps @ 8,192 x 8,192 pixels
      • 4 colour
      • 3 roughness
      • 1 normal
  • Morphs
    • brow-back
    • brow-forward
    • brow-glabella
    • brow-ridged
    • brow-slope
    • brow-upright
    • cheekbones-enhanced
    • cheekbones-gaunt
    • cheekbones-reduced
    • cheekbones-shallow
    • cheekbones-winged
    • chin-jutting
    • chin-receding
    • cranium-compacted
    • cranium-crested
    • cranium-elongated
    • cranium-expand
    • cranium-shrink
    • cranium-spiky
    • exhale
    • eyecavity-bigger
    • eyecavity-narrow
    • eyecavity-round
    • eyecavity-smaller
    • eyecavity-square
    • eyecavity-wide
    • face-round
    • face-square
    • feet-longer
    • feet-shorter
    • fingers-claws
    • fingers-longer
    • fingers-shorter
    • hair-backcomb
    • hair-bros
    • hair-fop
    • hair-lanky
    • hair-leia
    • hair-malkovitch
    • hair-mohawk
    • hair-punk
    • hands-longer
    • hands-shorter
    • hunched
    • inhale
    • jaw-backward
    • jaw-bigchin
    • jaw-compress
    • jaw-curved
    • jaw-forward
    • jaw-gracile
    • jaw-narrowed
    • jaw-robust
    • jaw-smallchin
    • jaw-straighten
    • jaw-stretch
    • jaw-wider
    • manubrium-angle
    • manubrium-down
    • nasalbone-jut
    • nasalbone-recede
    • pelvis-bowl
    • pelvis-crest-tall
    • pelvis-crest-wide
    • pelvis-narrow
    • pelvis-sacrum-angle-shallow
    • pelvis-sacrum-angle-steep
    • pelvis-sacrum-narrow
    • pelvis-sacrum-wide
    • pelvis-vase
    • pelvis-wide
    • reduce-lumbar-curve
    • skull-gracile
    • skull-nasal-circle
    • skull-nasal-defined
    • skull-nasal-smoothed
    • skull-nasal-triangle
    • skull-nasalbone-blunt
    • skull-nasalbone-broad
    • skull-nasalbone-pinched
    • skull-nasalbone-sharp
    • skull-robust
    • teeth-pointed
    • toes-claws
    • toes-longer
    • waist-narrow
    • waist-wide
  • User Guide (illustrated PDF)
SKU 12039
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software Poser 11
Release Date Sep 3, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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