MRL Gem for Genesis 8 Female


MRL Gem is a character for the Genesis 8 Female, she is designed with maximum versatility in mind.

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Gem has 2 face and body morphs, Gem 1 has a strong jaw and athletic build, Gem 2 has a softer jaw and slighter build giving her a younger appearance. She also has a wide range of eye, lip and make-up options and within each of those categories there are additional extras.

For example in the lip category you can add extra gloss or a metallic sheen to whichever lip color you have pre-loaded. With eye make-up you can also add gold or silver to your chosen make-up, giving you an incredible range of looks from one character, it all depends on what role you want her to play, soldier, villain, innocent, punk – whatever your scene requires

She had an extremely natural and detailed skin texture and optional fibermesh brows. A full list of what’s included is supplied below.








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