MS20 Abandoned Church for DAZ Studio

A small abandoned country church, needing some tender loving care. We’ve even provided a broom to get you started! This model consists of a finished interior as well as the exterior. The interior comes with pews, a lectern, altar, 3 light fixtures as well as a broken light fixture which can be re-positioned. There are 2 choices for the back wall; one solid version and one windowed version. There are two front doors with different textures. The doors can be opened and closed. Iray textures only.

To install: Unzip the contents of this file directly to your DAZ Studio Library folder (usually called My DAZ3D Library).

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Please note that the Iray surfaces can change considerably in different lighting situations and scenes. Some adjustments may be required in the Surface Editor to achieve the look you want.

Tip: If this product does not appear automatically in Smart Content or Product Library you may have to re-import the metadata using Content DB maintenance on your system.

Thank you for purchasing this product!

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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