MS20 Country Store Phase 2 Obj & fbx – Extended License

Stumbled on a reference image of an old country store and having just finished Southern Comfort was once again ready to sit ungodly hrs in front of my monitor.

This is the Obj/fbx file version of the Vue 9 product seen elsewhere in my store. Both are based on my modeling efforts in Modo 9 and at a rather low poly count for me.. just over 1M. There are 10 light locations. As you can see in the renders both the exterior and interior are modeled and ready for the user to add many more elements to make this a splendid example of what many of us remember from the 1950-60’s

Modo color tags meshes in its UV file structuring, so applications like Poser will show these color tags as the main diffused color.. this simply requires changing it to white to show the underlying assigned texture. The glass in this model, windows, Gas pump… and yes there is even have light bulbs…. all are simply UV’d and color tagged for the user to apply whatever procedural materials they prefer using in their application of choice.

The Trees, and those cute dogs seen in the renders are not provided in this Obj/fbx version but are shown in the renders just to provide some ideas of what might be done. Everything else is included…Likewise, light sources are up to the application of choice if they have that feature.

Due to the large number of posters, signs, can goods, even a few Victor mouse traps… there are a large number of textures. You will also need to rescale to work with whatever application you are using. Structure should be figured at about 20 ft in height.

UNREAL Game Engine, UNITY, FBX Format

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio—extended-license/144508

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