MS20F2 Lichtenstein Castle and Terrain Object

Originally modeled years ago for Vue, this new updated version created in Modo is provided as an obj file for those who use any number of application that import the Obj file format. Imported into Poser and Vue, I have included renders from both applications based on the Obj file. I must admit that I do not have the render skills I once had from years ago when I use to make dedicated Poser Runtimes and have moved more to Vue, but I show both here. While the renders will look quite different.. this is from the same file and its just my lack of skill with Poser these days.

Modo color tags each mesh for UV’s and Poser picks up on these and shows them as the Diffuse Color on top of the assigned material image… so it is necessary to change it too white. Water and glass materials have been UV’ed but just color tagged so that Vue and other application that use procedural materials can for these special items. Also you may need to rescale to fit your particular application. In Poser here I had to enlarge by like 6200%.

Try Bluehost its fast

I have included a few extra textures for those who might want to try something different. Polygon smoothing was set for 80%. Please place the textures in the same folder as the Geometry files.

I hope you will enjoy it in whatever application you use.

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio



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