Muelsfell Atlantis Armour for the Centaur 7 Male


Every fantasy world has a story of a sunken city. Outfit your Genesis 3 Centaur with this aquatic-themed armor and defend your version of Atlantis with unstoppable horse power!

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Includes a full armor set consisting of separate helmet, chestplate, pleated skirt, pauldrons, greaves, and flank protection, each with morphs and shape options, as well as three trident weapons and a heavy shield depicting a kraken.

A full set of Iray material presets is included as well.

Supported characters include Dante7, Darius7, Elijah7, Gianni7, Ivan7, and Lee7.

Other shapes are supported in Daz Studio with Auto Follow for the Helmet, Chestplate, Greaves, Skirt, and Pauldrons. These will require additional manual adjustment by the user for best results. The Flank armor does not support other shapes even with Auto Follow.








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