Necklace Jewelry 3D Model

Contain 3DM (Rhinoceros 5 or above), STL and OBJ formats.
I am 3D Jewelry designer over 5 years and decide to share and sell my design.
All models were created in reality before and completely tested.
All models printed by 3D-printers and casted in Gold and silver before.
The dimensions and Thicknesses are the exactly same as reality.

STL files created with high resolution, 0.001 millimeters Tolerance, No Naked Edges, No Shell.

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There are two kind of files (you will receive both of them):
1_ without Gems for 3D printers and printing and casting with gold/silver
2_ With Gems for rendering and use for 3D software and 3D visualization. for this perpose I added OBJ file with Gems.

Necklace Jewelry 3D Model size in 3 dimensions:
Length: 38.76 mm (1.526 in)
Width: 22.85 mm (0.8996 in)
Height: 7.35 mm (0.289 in)

Necklace Top part size in 3 dimensions:
Length: 11.58 mm (0.4559 in)
Width: 6.57 mm (0.2586 in)
Height: 5.21 mm (0.2051 in)

STL/OBJ details:
verts: 114,144
faces: 229,286
Tris: 229,286

Rhino 3D

Requirements:  3D printer, gold, diamonds, acetylene torch

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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