New Shapes Characters for G8 Male

There are 10 characters (only morphs) head and Body. No skin no shader.

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charcters

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PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersVlad
Vlad Body Apply.duf
Vlad Body Apply.png
Vlad Body Apply.tip.png
Vlad Body Remove.duf
Vlad Body Remove.png
Vlad Body Remove.tip.png
Vlad Full Shape Apply.duf
Vlad Full Shape Apply.png
Vlad Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Vlad Full Shape Remove.duf
Vlad Full Shape Remove.png
Vlad Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Vlad Head Apply.duf
Vlad Head Apply.png
Vlad Head Apply.tip.png
Vlad Head Remove.duf
Vlad Head Remove.png
Vlad Head Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersTerry
Terry Body Apply.png
Terry Body Apply.tip.png
Terry Body Remove.png
Terry Body Remove.tip.png
Terry Full Shape Apply.duf
Terry Full Shape Apply.png
Terry Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Terry Full Shape Remove.duf
Terry Full Shape Remove.png
Terry Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Terry Head Apply.duf
Terry Head Apply.png
Terry Head Apply.tip.png
Terry Head Remove.duf
Terry Head Remove.png
Terry Head Remove.tip.png
Terry body Apply.duf
Terry body Remove.duf

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersRolf
Rolf Body Apply.duf
Rolf Body Apply.png
Rolf Body Apply.tip.png
Rolf Body Remove.duf
Rolf Body Remove.png
Rolf Body Remove.tip.png
Rolf Full Shape Apply.duf
Rolf Full Shape Apply.png
Rolf Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Rolf Full Shape Remove.duf
Rolf Full Shape Remove.png
Rolf Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Rolf Head Apply.duf
Rolf Head Apply.png
Rolf Head Apply.tip.png
Rolf Head Remove.duf
Rolf Head Remove.png
Rolf Head Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersRick
Rick Body Apply.duf
Rick Body Apply.png
Rick Body Apply.tip.png
Rick Body Remove.duf
Rick Body Remove.png
Rick Body Remove.tip.png
Rick Full Shape Apply.duf
Rick Full Shape Apply.png
Rick Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Rick Full Shape Remove.duf
Rick Full Shape Remove.png
Rick Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Rick Head Apply.duf
Rick Head Apply.png
Rick Head Apply.tip.png
Rick Head Remove.duf
Rick Head Remove.png
Rick Head Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersHiroshi
Hiroshi Body Apply.duf
Hiroshi Body Apply.png
Hiroshi Body Apply.tip.png
Hiroshi Body Remove.duf
Hiroshi Body Remove.png
Hiroshi Body Remove.tip.png
Hiroshi Full Shape Apply.duf
Hiroshi Full Shape Apply.png
Hiroshi Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Hiroshi Full Shape Remove.duf
Hiroshi Full Shape Remove.png
Hiroshi Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Hiroshi Head Apply.duf
Hiroshi Head Apply.png
Hiroshi Head Apply.tip.png
Hiroshi Head Remove.duf
Hiroshi Head Remove.png
Hiroshi Head Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersHarold
Halord Body Apply.duf
Halord Body Apply.png
Halord Body Apply.tip.png
Halord Body Remove.duf
Halord Body Remove.png
Halord Body Remove.tip.png
Halord Head Apply.duf
Halord Head Apply.png
Halord Head Apply.tip.png
Halord Head Remove.duf
Halord Head Remove.png
Halord Head Remove.tip.png
Harold Full Shape Apply.duf
Harold Full Shape Apply.png
Harold Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Harold Full Shape Remove.duf
Harold Full Shape Remove.png
Harold Full Shape Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersEnzi
!Enzi head Apply.duf
!Enzi head Apply.png
!Enzi head Apply.tip.png
!Enzi head Remove.duf
!Enzi head Remove.png
!Enzi head Remove.tip.png
Enzi Body Apply.duf
Enzi Body Apply.png
Enzi Body Apply.tip.png
Enzi Body Remove.duf
Enzi Body Remove.png
Enzi Body Remove.tip.png
Enzi Full Shape Apply.duf
Enzi Full Shape Apply.png
Enzi Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Enzi Full Shape Remove.duf
Enzi Full Shape Remove.png
Enzi Full Shape Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersEkon
Ekon Body Apply.duf
Ekon Body Remove.duf
Ekon Full Shape Apply.duf
Ekon Full Shape Apply.png
Ekon Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Ekon Full Shape Remove.duf
Ekon Full Shape Remove.png
Ekon Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Ekon Head Apply.duf
Ekon Head Apply.png
Ekon Head Apply.tip.png
Ekon Head Remove.duf
Ekon Head Remove.png
Ekon Head Remove.tip.png
Ekon body Apply.png
Ekon body Apply.tip.png
Ekon body Remove.png
Ekon body Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersDidier
Didier Body Apply.duf
Didier Body Apply.png
Didier Body Apply.tip.png
Didier Body Remove.duf
Didier Body Remove.png
Didier Body Remove.tip.png
Didier Full Shape Apply.duf
Didier Full Shape Apply.png
Didier Full Shape Apply.tip.png
Didier Full Shape Remove.duf
Didier Full Shape Remove.png
Didier Full Shape Remove.tip.png
Didier Head Apply.duf
Didier Head Apply.png
Didier Head Apply.tip.png
Didier Head Remove.duf
Didier Head Remove.png
Didier Head Remove.tip.png

PeopleGenesis 8 MaleShapesBu_esNew shapes charctersAryam
Aryam Body Apply.duf
Aryam Body Apply.png
Aryam Body Apply.tip.png
Aryam Body Remove.duf
Aryam Body Remove.png
Aryam Body Remove.tip.png
Aryam Full shape Apply.duf
Aryam Full shape Apply.png
Aryam Full shape Apply.tip.png
Aryam Full shape Remove.duf
Aryam Full shape Remove.png
Aryam Full shape Remove.tip.png
Aryam Head Apply.duf
Aryam Head Apply.png
Aryam Head Apply.tip.png
Aryam Head Remove.duf
Aryam Head Remove.png
Aryam Head Remove.tip.png

dataDAZ 3DGenesis 8MaleMorphsBu_esNew shapes charcters
Aryam Body.dsf
Aryam Body.png
Aryam Head.dsf
Aryam Head.png
Didier Body.dsf
Didier Body.png
Didier Head.dsf
Didier Head.png
Ekon Body.dsf
Ekon Body.png
Ekon Head.dsf
Ekon Head.png
Enzi Body.dsf
Enzi Body.png
Enzi Head.dsf
Enzi Head.png
Harold Body.dsf
Harold Body.png
Harold Head.dsf
Harold Head.png
Hiroshi Body.dsf
Hiroshi Body.png
Hiroshi Head.dsf
Hiroshi Head.png
Rick Body.dsf
Rick Body.png
Rick Head.dsf
Rick Head.png
Rolf Body.dsf
Rolf Body.png
Rolf Head.dsf
Rolf Head.png
Terry Body.dsf
Terry Body.png
Terry Head.dsf
Terry Head.png
Vlad Body.dsf
Vlad Body.png
Vlad Head.dsf
Vlad Head.png

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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