One-Click TEXT PS Layer Styles

–It has been awhile since I put together a set of metallic “one-click” PS layer styles for TEXT so, here’s a new one!

–There is a variety of 24 styles with different colored seamless patterns inside (created at 300 dpi). Every one is stroked with either gold or silver outlines.

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–Even though I am calling these one-click styles, I will say that they work best on LARGE or fatter text/fonts and definitely show up better on dark backgrounds. I have had people tell me that my styles only work best on small/medium items so, I decided to go for the larger sizes this time.

–If you do decide to use these on smaller fonts, you may need to adjust the stroke and/or the patterns to smaller percentage/sizes. You can also keep or delete the drop shadow.

–But IMHOP, that’s what make layer styles so amazing! They can always be adjusted to match your particular taste or the project size.

–BTW, there are tips inside the Read me file about how to scale your styles to the size you desire.

–FOR BEST RESULTS, always start any new image or layer that you plan to use the layer styles on at 300dpi!

Requirements: Β Photoshop CC 2019, Photoshop CS and Above, Photoshop 7 and Above, Photoshop Elements 7 and Above

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