Oumua HD Alien Creature for Genesis 8 Male


Flitting through the trees, past the boulders on alien pathways and gracefully making their way across the vistas of distant worlds come the fierce yet aqualine forms of the Oumua.

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Oumua HD for Genesis 8 Male is a highly detailed character concept perfect for a wide variety of alien or fantasy creature needs, whether heroic, fragile, stealthy or beguiling. The kit comes with two presets for the Oumua character concept: Oumua, a version at roughly normal human proportions, then Oumua Majestic, for a taller, lankier form.

Also included are two full texture sets with accompanying material presets, all developed to take advantage of Iray and modern physics based rendering.

As a bonus, the suit of clothes featured in the imagery shown here is also included, for a complete alien concept, right out of the box featuring clean and “muddy” materials, as well as material presets for hiding various parts of the outfit’s cloth segments.









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