People of Earth Faces of Africa Genesis 8 Female


Africa is the world’s second most populous continent after Asia. About a billion people live there, nearly fifteen percent of the planet’s people. Of course one morph set can’t reproduce all of those amazing faces, but there are some that are harder to recreate with other existing morph sets than others, and this set can fill in those gaps in your Library!

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The set also has automatic helpers for eye movement and 25 full face presets (now with both Library Shape Presets and Control Dials in Shaping!). The full face presets include:

  • 5 Central African faces
  • 5 East African faces
  • 5 North African faces
  • 5 South African faces
  • 5 West African faces

This set requires no other morph set to work with your library. Expand your face options today!

(Headgear was made in Blender and Marvelous Designer and is not from a product.)








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