Personal Aids for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8


This product is a collection of Personal Aid items that can be used with Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 8 Female and/or Genesis 8 Male.

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In addition to supporting the base figures mentioned above, these items also come with morphs that are automatically applied when you dial Ollie 8, Floyd 8 and the 12 characters from the Good Guys product.ย  Additional morphs are provided to manually fit other characters and related morphs from the DAZ Head morphs packages.

We are providing 5 versions of the product.ย  The first version comes with parentless items that can be placed on top of a table, a chair or any other place you may need. The other 4 versions come with items parented to each of the supported base figures.

The parented versions of the Walker Rollator, Quad Walking Stick and Walking Stick presets load with their parent’s fullย body posed. The Pills Weekly Reminder loads with its parent’s arm posed.ย  And the Magnifying Glass and Pills load with their parent’s hand posed.ย  Left and Right poses included.

In addition, Hierarchical Poses presets that affect both the parented figure and the Personal Aid item are provided; as well as Regular Poses presets that only affectย the selected object.ย  The Personal Aids version for Genesis 8 Male comes with Special Hierarchical Poses for the 12 Good Guys characters.

The Walker Rollator comes with poses that rotate all the 4 wheels at the same time, move the 2 front wheels side by side and apply both, hand and wheel brakes, at the same time.

The Pills Reminder comes with poses that allow opening or closing lids individually or all at the same time.ย  It also comes with options to hide pills from any selected day, multiple days or all days.

All of the Personal Aids come with multiple colors options and materials including metal scratches for the Rollator and Sticks.ย  Each item comes with multiple Full presets; but also with multiple Individual parts presets to allow you customize the look.









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