Pose Architect Add-on Pack 1 for Genesis 3 Female(s)

The original Pose Architect product made creating realistic body poses as easy as 1-2-3. This add-on pack adds even more fully-animated pose dials to increase the power of Pose Architect even more!

The included animated pose-control dials take the figure’s body center-of-balance into account to keep the figure well-balanced. These pose-dials use natural animated movement instead of stiff joint rotation.

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The included leg pose-dials maintain foot contact with the ground plane for a more natural look.

The included arm pose-dials are separated into left and right side, so that you can mix and match pose-dials.

Pose Architect also works with the base pose-dials included with Genesis 8 Female. Pose-dials can be combined with standard joint posing to further perfect your pose.

To overcome the limitations with pose-dials (see below), a preset is included to extract the resulting joint pose parameters from the pose-dial values creating a simple body pose.

Simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Use as many of the pose-dials as needed to create your pose. Multiple pose-dials can be added in together with existing joint body posing to create your perfect pose.
  • Once your pose is created, use the included preset to automatically convert the dial values into standard joint posing.
  • You can now save out your pose without the pose-dial as a standard figure pose.

Control Dial Limitations that are solved by this prodiuct:

  • They do not work well with Inverse-Kinematics.
  • Controls Dial values saved in a pose cannot be applied to a figure that doesn’t have the same control poses.

Here is an example of one of the Leg Pose Dials with feet staying on the ground plane:

What’s Included and Features

  • Pose Architect for Genesis 3 Female(s)
  • Included Animated Pose-dials (.DSF):
    • Head:
      • Look Behind Left-Right
    • Arms:
      • Arm Behind Back (Left)
      • Arm Behind Back (Right)
      • Hand Behind Head (Left)
      • Hand Behind Head (Right)
      • Hand Block Front (Left)
      • Hand Block Front (Right)
      • Hand Lazy Point (Left)
      • Hand Lazy Point (Right)
      • Hand on Buttock (Left)
      • Hand on Buttock (Right)
      • Hand on Cheek (Left)
      • Hand on Cheek (Right)
      • Hand on Chin (Left)
      • Hand on Chin (Right)
      • Hand on Hip (Left)
      • Hand on Hip (Right)
      • Hand on Thigh Front (Left)
      • Hand on Thigh Front (Right)
      • Hand Palm Up (Left)
      • Hand Palm Up (Right)
      • Hand Phone Talk (Left)
        Hand Phone Talk (Right)
      • Hand Shield Eyes (Left)
      • Hand Shield Eyes (Right)
      • Hands over Head
    • Torso:
      • Buttocks Out
      • Torso Forward Turn (Left)
      • Torso Forward Turn (Right)
      • Torso Weight Shift 01 Left-Right
    • Legs:
      • Leg Knees Together
      • Leg Squat Floor
      • Leg Step Back (Left)
      • Leg Step Back (Right)
      • Legs Kneel 01
      • Legs Kneel 02
      • Legs Kneel 03
      • Legs Kneel 04
      • Legs to Chest
      • Single Leg Kneel 01 (Left)
      • Single Leg Kneel 01 (Right)
      • Single Leg Kneel 02 (Left)
      • Single Leg Kneel 02 (Right)
      • Weight Forward (Left)
      • Weight Forward (Right)
  • Script Preset to extract Pose-Dials into a Standard Body Pose (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 3 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install




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