POSING Made Simple for Daz Studio

This tutorial package was developed with the beginner in mind to introduce new and inexperienced users to how posing works in Daz Studio. In just under 1-hour, you will know everything needed to create and use poses in Daz Studio. You will be able to customize your scenes and artwork with your own visual interpretation of reality. You will start by learning the default pose types and how to apply pre-made pose sets to characters. From there, you will learn how to manipulate objects in the 3D space by moving, spinning and sizing them. You will learn how bones (aka rigging) relates to posing figures and props. You will learn to use the Manipulator tools, Posing controls, and PowerPose tool to get the perfect look you want and need for figures in your scene. This training was designed to help beginners fully utilize poses in their creative artwork, and is not intended to teach you how to create advanced pose sets to be distributed or sold.

MODULE-01: Introduction to Posing
* Purpose of Posing Objects
* A-type, T-type, Straight-A

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MODULE-02: Using Pre-made Poses (2-parts)
* Finding Poses in Content
* Loading Preset Poses
* Full and Partial Poses
* Facial Expressions

MODULE-03: Manipulate Objects in 3D Space
* Transform Controls
– Translate, Rotate, Scale
* Manipulator Tools
– Translate, Rotate, Scale, Universal

MODULE-04: Posing Objects in Scene (2-parts)
* Using ActivePose tool
* Using Pose Controls
* Using PowerPose tool
* Restoring Figure Pose

MODULE-05: Fine Tuning Your Pose
* Posing Directly on Objects

MODULE-06: Saving Your Hard Work
* Saving As Scene
* Saving As Scene Subset
* Merging Saved Scenes
* Saving A Simple Pose

Total running time – ~1 Hour
Eight (8) videos in WMV format
Resolution 1280×720 HD Quality

Daz Studio 4

Requirements:  WMV Player

3D Models for Daz Studio



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