PTF Party Lights


Get ready to party with PTF Party Lights, a set of 30 HDRI presets that provide not only great lighting but also beautiful backgrounds.

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All presets are split into Day and Night versions. “Day” presets are light and bright, while “Night” is dark and deep, and offer rich contrast.

The product also includes a number of background props: a large backdrop that wraps around, a small backdrop that runs from back to front and simple planes for top, floor, back and sides, plus cutout shapes presets that can be applied to the backdrops to create some really fun renders without much hassle.

Don’t miss the 18 color presets, and gloss settings for the background props to spice things up.

You will also find various material adjustment presets to customize the look, and it wouldn’t be a PTF set without extra settings to tweak your scene: dome rotation, contrast, and saturation presets, and even bloom settings to add that ‘special something’ to your creations.

Get PTF Party Lights for your next render!








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