PTF War and Peace Camo Shader Pack


PTF War and Peace Camo Shader Pack is a huge set of shader presets for camouflage, both military and fashion.

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The Military category includes 50 patterns that very closely mimic actual existing patterns of modern military uniforms from around the world.Β  This astounding Shader Pack covers all of the most recognizable patterns, offers geographically varied patterns as well, plus solid colors presets as well: khaki, olive, coyote, foliage green, etc.

These Shaders aren’t just for the Army, but anyone who enjoys the outdoors, and the Fashion category consists of designs inspired by military camo that come in funΒ bright colors and are for everyday clothing and activewear.

To cover all the bases (because PTF have OCD), also included are presets for common base fabrics,Β again, both military/work (pack cloth, oxford, ripstop, twill) and civilian (plain, satin, knit, fine twill).

Naturally, the set comes with a bunch of utility presets to help you out with tiling and such.

The set is also a Merchant’s Resource so you can freely use all the included textures in your own products!








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