Pyrotechnics for Lisa’s Botanicals Bell Flower

‘Neath the light of a July sky, where does your patriotic spirit lie? Let freedom ring, by adding a little Pyrotechnics to your garden blossoms and celebrate with some fireworks! Compatible with Poser 10 and DAZ Studio 4.9

Requires Lisa’s Botanicals Bell Flower

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“Freedom has it’s life in the hearts,

the actions,the spirit of men and so

it must be fought for and refreshed

else like a flower cut from its life giving

roots, it will wither and die.”
-Dwight D. Eisenhower-

“May the wings of liberty never lose a feather!”

Jack Burton, “Big Trouble in Little China”

“Siemper Fi” (always faithful) That’s Marine for I love you!

Requires Lisa’s Botanicals Bell Flower

Let your patriotic spirit ring through the bright magical hues of Pyrotechnics textures for Lisa’s Botanicals Bell Flower. Spread your wings and create enchanting scenes, perfect for your summer picnics, 4th of July outdoor Bar-b-que’s, or add a little spark to environments for the Songbird Remix Birds, Hivewire Mule Deer, Hivewire House Cat, and Hivewire Big Dog.

Spirit: in every language, in every time and every place, the word has a ring of strength and determination. It is the hero’s courage, a mother’s resilience, and the poor man’s armor. It cannot be broken and it cannot be taken away.

This set of textures will turn Lisa’s Botanicals Bell Flower into the Roman candle of any garden scene and a favorite haven for creatures of all kinds so let your creative freedom flag fly and shine bright!

Revitalize your renders with 18 new flower textures, 18 texture specific leaf textures, 6 stamen textures, 2 new feathery transmaps, and 5 opacity settings. Three of the new stamen textures provide a glowing sparkler effect, perfect for magical scenes by the dawn’s early light or gleaming in the twilight!

Presets are included for DAZ Studio Iray & 3DL, and Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11 ) & Firefly render engines.

Also includes 9 .png starburst, starfield, and fireball overlays for use in a graphics editing program.

What’s Included & Features

  • Materials (.mc6, .duf))
    • All options available for DAZ Studio Iray & 3DL, and Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11 ) & Firefly render engines
    • 18 Petal Materials
      • Blue Angel (red and dark blue)
      • Broad Stripes (red and white)
      • Color Guard (medium blue,dark blue and red)
      • Crescendo (red and white with white speckles)
      • Crossette (red and white stripes with red flower base)
      • Diamond Jubilee (red and white speckled flower, red and white striped base)
      • Joy Ride (red and medium blue)
      • Jubilee (red with white speckles)
      • Neutron Bomb (orange and white with white speckles)
      • Patriotic (white and dark blue flower, red and blue base)
      • Saturn Missiles (dark blue and medium blue flower, dark red base)
      • Snap Crackle Pop (red and white stripes with white speckled flower, blue and white speckled base)
      • Starburst (blue and white stripes with white speckles) Starfall (white and dark blue stripes)
      • Star Spangled (blue and white stripe with white speckled flower red and white stripes and white speckled base)
      • Strobe (pink, purple, peach and white )
      • Sunburst (yellow and orange)
      • Super Nova (dark orange, yellow, and red orange stripe)
    • 18 Leaf and Stem options
      • Leaf and stem textures are unique for each flower as they contain part of the pyrotechnics base flower colors
    • 5 Settings to hide parts of the flower
      • Hide Flower
      • Hide Flower and Stamen
      • Hide Leaves
      • Hide Leaves and Stamen
      • Hide Stamen
    • 6 Pyrotechics Stamens
      • Special Effects
        • 01PyroStamen (gold)
        • 02PyroStamen (silver)
        • 03PyroStamen (white, yellow, orange, and red)
      • Texture Specific
        • 1 white, orange, yellow, and red
        • 1 blue red and white
        • 1 pink purple peach and white
    • 2 Feathery Transmaps
  • Overlays (.png)
    • 4 2400 x 3000 at 300 DPI (red, blue and orange star fields)
    • 2 979 x 853 Png Overlays at 96 DPI ( white and orange starburst)
    • 2 1121 X 1164 at 96 DPI Fireballs (orange and blue)
    • 1 Bonus 2400 x 3000 overlay at 300 dpi (white star field)
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • 18 1024 X 1024 Pixel Petal Maps
    • 6 1024 X 1024 Pixel Stamen Map
    • 18 1024 X 1024 Texture Specific Pixel Leaf and Stem Maps
    • 1 1024 x 1024 Pixel Petal Transmap
    • 1 1024 x 1024 Pixel Leaf Transmap
    • 1024 x 1024 Pixel Bump maps, Displacement, and Specular maps for all textures
SKU 12031
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.10 , Poser 10 /Pro2014
Release Date Jul 9, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio



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