Rascal Rabbit Poses for Genesis 8 Female

These 28 digital hierarchical pose presets are designed to give your Storybook Creature Rabbit all the fun action to complete your cartoon or comic book renders. Illustrating your own children’s book couldn’t be easier! There are poses to cover a broad range of storybook elements, giving you the confidence and ease of mind to finish your project.

Not interested in a children’s story or a comic book adventure? No problem! There are also included in this set 28 standard poses adjusted for the human side of the Genesis 8 Female (works great with Victoria 8, but with other shapes you might need to do some tweaking.) Of course, many of the poses are big and dramatic, as you’d find in sequential art, so these poses are perfect for that graphic novel you’ve been thinking about making.

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Also, please note that the Storybook House Furniture is only required for the Chair and the Rocker seated poses. You can substitute other chairs if you so desire.

Usually I say, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance, and realism, but since these poses are cartoon-y, I can guarantee these poses are comically balanced, obey the laws of physics, and are realistic for any setting.

What’s Included and Features

  • Rascal Rabbit Poses for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)
    • Poses 28 standard poses for Genesis 8 Female and 28 hierarchical pose presets for the Storybook Rabbit (.DUF)
      • RRGF/R 01 Haughty
      • RRGF/R 02 Haughty Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 03 Yawning
      • RRGF/R 04 Yawning Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 05 Inviting
      • RRGF/R 06 Inviting Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 07 Run Lady Run.duf / Run Rabbit Run
      • RRGF/R 08 Run Lady Run Mirrored.duf / Run Rabbit Run Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 09 Woman Tripping
      • RRGF/R 10 Woman Tripping Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 11 Life is Grand
      • RRGF/R 12 Life is Grand Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 13 Let Me Explain
      • RRGF/R 14 Let Me Explain Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 15 I don’t Know
      • RRGF/R 16 I don’t Know Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 17 Busted!
      • RRGF/R 18 Busted! Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 19 Pondering
      • RRGF/R 20 Pondering Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 21 Kneeling
      • RRGF/R 22 Kneeling Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 23 Seated Enthralled
      • RRGF/R 24 Seated Enthralled Mirrored
      • RRGF/R 26 That’s How the Story Goes (Chair)
      • RRGF/R 27 Telling Tails (Chair)
      • RRGF/R 29 That’s How the Story Goes (Rocker)
      • RRGF/R 30 Telling Tails (Rocker)
    • 4 Wearables for Genesis 8 Female and the Storybook Rabbit (.DUF)
      • RRGF 25 Wearable BH Chair to G8 Female
      • RRGF 28 Wearable BH Rocker to G8 Female
      • RRR 25 Wearable BH Chair to Rabbit
      • RRR 28 Wearable BH Rocker to Rabbit

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.11

Required Products:

Storybook Rabbit Props

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install




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