Realistic Strips 2 G8F-V8


One of the most irreverent sets for your G8F or V8 ladies.

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Celebrate the sensuality and beauty of the women: natural, shaved, trimmed, bikini waxed… Collect all the shapes of love!

Realistic Strips 2 is a collection of ten realistic pubic hairstyles that will adapt to any G8F character and it can be parented also with the add-on “Anatomy G8F Genitalia” if you wish.

This set can be used alone or in combination with any other pubic style of this package or my previous set “Realistic Strips 1”

Each pubic style is a separate fibermesh item. You can also mix them as you please for several different effects.

Five hairstyles are conformig items, while other five are smart props.

All of these hairy pieces come with many different colors, softness and shortness options.








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