Red Planet for Iray


Red Planet for Iray comes with two sets: the Full Globe set and the Close Up set. Each of these sets includes many options and a space sky HDRI for Iray (12k resolution) featuring stars and Sun as background. This HDRI background is also used as image based lighting (IBL).

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Full Globe set – for space distance view: The included “Full Globe” set is basically a sphere fully texturized on all sides (360 degrees) with 8000 x 4000 pixels maps. The set is designed to give the look of Mars from a space distance view. The textured planet ball has enough resolution that you can zoom the camera to frame only a section of the planet and the resulting rendered image will still have very good quality with a lot of details.

Close Up set – for closer orbital view: The included “Close Up” set is for the scenes that need an even more closer view at the Red Planet. This set is designed to give the look of a low orbital viewing when the camera is closer to the ground (but still at orbit distance) With this set, only a slice of the planet ball is framed.

Both sets came with plenty of options, Sunlight orientation/sun position, planet rotation poses, choice of materials for ground and atmosphere, cameras etc. Click on promos images to see samples that use some of the different options available.

Please note that all promotional images have been rendered In Daz Studio using Iray and the included HDR images as main lighting source (IBL).








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