Regal Riches: Historical Pattern Iray Shader Presets


Regal Riches is a collection of sumptuous shader presets to please even the most imperious royal!

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Richly detailed, these patterns gleam with gold stitchwork and included history-inspired flocked motifs that create a subtle raised effect on their silk-like backgrounds.

Each pattern was individually created with reference to historical designs. The designs were then carefully arranged to create versatile seamless tiles that scale beautifully from large to small.

The luxurious patterns each have 4 base colors inspired by Medieval and other historic palettes and selected to best complement the design. For extra versatility, you can apply a high-shine or low-shine to the metallic embroidery. This lets you chose between shimmering luxury or a textured brocade effect, in addition to the default metallic setting (which has been tweaked individually to create the best look for each design).

A selection of 8 tiling presets allow for radically different looks from a single pattern. These are also handy for adapting the design to suit the scale of different base UV maps for the clothing in your Library.

12 sheer options allow you to mix and match different parts of an outfit. Or why not update a historical set by re-texturing drapes and other fabric elements?

Get Regal Riches: Historical Pattern Iray Shader Presets and enjoy a luxurious sampling of Shaders.








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