Regal Romance: Historical Pattern Iray Shader Presets


Make fairytales come true and bring historic scenes to life with Regal Romance historical shader presets!

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This collection features seamlessly-tiling motifs in raised stitchwork for a beautiful embroidered effect. Designed with reference to actual historical designs, each pattern was then individually crafted by hand to create a unique digital fabric that you won’t find anywhere else.

The motifs range from delicate florals to eye-catching patterns, to suit all your royal and noble wardrobe needs. Gorgeous 18th-century shades add even more romance with a color palette that offers flattering options for both male and female characters.

All designs scale beautifully from large to small (8 tilings presets included) and the richly-textured fabrics can also be tweaked with 3 shine and 3 normal map utilities to create a wide variety of different looks.

The Regal Romance collection is perfect for kit-bashing (mixing and matching different outfits, as shown in the more elaborate dresses in the promo images) and can be used on soft furnishings as well as male and female clothing!








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