Render Queue 1.2.5


Render Queue from ManFriday is a new plugin for Daz Studio 4.10 and 4.11. It allows you to render many scenes in sequence without having to sit next to your computer all night to start the next render when the previous is done.

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When you are done working on a scene in Daz Studio, you can add it to the Render Queue, set a target image file name, and work on the next scene. When you are done with your day’s work, you can open the Render Queue again and press “OK, render the queue”, and it will create renders for all the scene files you have added to the queue.

You can go to sleep after starting the renders. Render Queue will process all the scene files you have given to it, restart Daz Studio after each scene to make sure it doesn’t run out of memory, and keep a log how long each render has taken. It can even automatically shut down the computer after all renders have finished.

The next morning, you can look at the render queue again to see how everything went.

Please note: This product is for Windows only, and it renders Iray only (not 3Delight).








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