Retrospace Personal Quarters Scene Kit


Retrospace Personal Quarters Scene Kit is a new environment set tailored to the colorful yet classic hard sci-fi aesthetic!

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This set features a uniquely crafted room, with rigged walls and ceiling, allowing them to easily be pulled away manually or using the included utility settings. The preset for loading the completed room brings in the walls along with all of it’s props including: bed with bedding, blanket and pillow, wall poster, three sets of greebling (shapes used to fill a space and give that technological look), fully rigged desk, chair, stylized computer terminal with mouse, desk lamp, potted plant, fully rigged sliding doorway, ceiling mounted television/monitor, and playfully styledย radio.

All elements have a exhaustive material zones assigned, with finely crafted, high resolution PBR (physics based rendering) texture sets optimized for and utilized in specifically designed Iray settings.

Use the preset “load all” that brings all the elements into your scene with one quick selection, or mix and match what you’d like and their placement by loading them individually from the library!

Also included are 10 poses for the Genesis 8 Female, and 10 for the Genesis 8 Male (20 poses in all), plus the bedding, pillow and blanket include morphs named for interaction with the figures in certain poses (morphs on objects are named according to the poses theyย  correspond to for easy use!).

Lastly, this kit also includes 7 camera presets for views from optimal angles throughout the room, as well as 10 “Utility” presets to “remove” and “restore” the walls and ceiling of the room toย changeย it in an instant from a fully enclosed environment to aย  “movie set” style setting for the maximum ease of camera placement and lighting.

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