Royal Overtime for Genesis 8 Male


“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” – Shakespeare, Henry IV Pt. 2

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A busy monarch’s day doesn’t always end in the Throne Room. Many kings kept more intimate venues, or “presence chambers” where work could drag on into the night.

In this case, a bored young king has been wishing for something to occupy his time, and suddenly finds his wish granted good and hard.

These fifteen poses of a king and his privy counsel are divided into six groups, and will help you tell the story of a developing crisis, from the interception of a suspicious message all the way to an intimation of war planted on the backside of a (hastily-)departing ambassador by the King’s own boot. (Figuratively speaking. Kings didn’t really kick people. Much. Well, James I did one time, but he really felt bad about it later.)

A Zero !All pose is also provided, as well as any wearables or prop poses necessary to tune the set.

A full preload is provided to set the chamber up in a jiffy. (Note: The preload contains some re-scaled elements; poses outside the preload may not snap directly to the correct position.)

This vigorous young king takes action because he valiantly defends his country! Or, maybe he really is just bored.

What story will you tell?








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